All Because of A Bad Haircut…

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I got a bad hair cut last week…super bad. I rushed out of the salon with tears welling up in my eyes. I just wanted to get home as fast as possible. I went to back the car out of its parking space when I caught sight of my hair in the rearview mirror. That’s when Tear-fest 2019 began. The tears began to flow so fast I could no longer see. I was forced to look into the mirror again to try to wipe tears from my eyes, but that wasn’t a good idea. The image staring back at me was worse than it was before. I now had large black smears of mascara dripping down my face. Seeing that just made the tears turn to all-out sobbing. Boogers were now abandoning ship and were streaming out of my nostrils. I desperately searched the glove compartment for tissue to no avail. I resorted to the use of my jacket sleeve. I was THE picture of put-together-beauty. Ha.

I wish I could say that I pulled myself together and realized it was just hair, but no. You don’t understand. I had nice long straight hair and went into the salon requesting a trim. I came out having 10 inches less hair, and layers that looked like a haircut from the 90s. My hair grows extremely slowly and I had taken four years to get it that long. So not only did it look bad, but I felt like it would look bad for four years.

So, being the calm person that I am….I cried for three days. I’m not kidding.

And we know that for those who love God ALL things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

Hmmm…ALL things? I know that this verse has two conditions—One, it’s for those who love God. Yep, I love Him. And two, it’s for those who are called according to His purpose. Yep, I’m called. Sooooo…ALL things. Can a bad haircut be worked together for good? Perhaps, I thought to myself, and I readied myself for the day waiting for this horrible haircut to be proven to work out for good.

The day came and went. I still hated my hair. Seemingly nothing good worked out of it. Another day, and another day…sigh…still nothing. It had been just over a week, and I could not see how God could turn this horrible hair into anything resembling good. (Seriously, you should see it.)

But this morning, as I was beginning to question God about the validity of the “ALL things” statement, He asked me if He had ever worked out other things for the good. Yes Lord. In fact, just before Christmas we had our van stolen from the church plant parking lot. Long-story-short, we were given another vehicle that my husband assures me is a much safer vehicle and will be better for us in the long run. Thank you Jesus.

Why do I demand that I recognize His goodness in this bad haircut when He has proved over and over again that He is faithful? Do I have to connect the dots directly to the bad haircut for God’s promise to be true? Do I feel I must micromanage Him or place my seal of approval on things? Or can I simply take God at His word and believe that somehow it will be worked together for good, whether I recognize it, or not?

When God makes a promise, He will do it. Though there are people who break promises, and need to be micromanaged, but God isn’t one of them. He is God, and His promises are promises. I can chill, knowing that His promise is true. I am moving forward knowing that He will or perhaps already has worked it out for good.

And when I catch sight of the atrocity called my hair in the mirror, I reassure myself, “all things…ALL things.”

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