My Testimony In Poem

Although I’d never seen Him, I hung His portrait on my heart
And praying to this portrait is how each day would start

Every morning as I awoke
I would assess its every stroke
A little more, a little less
Perfection required great finesse
No one knows it more than me
I was the artist as you can see
And at the close of every day
I’d compare my work in every way
Against the hearts of those who paint
I’d judge myself: sinner or saint

But then one day I came across, a heart like none before
A joyful soul–unusual, and one I must explore
As I peeked to see their painting, they were kneeling down to pray
But it wasn’t to a portrait, or a picture on display
In fact there was no painting there, not even on their wall
They knelt to Jesus Christ Himself, the Saviour of us all
He was taller than I thought He was,…stronger, wiser, kinder
On His face a strange expression, that tweaked a faint reminder
Of life and love and joyfulness, that filled the entire place
It reminded me of years ago, when I first encountered grace

I recalled to mind my painting, and all my efforts there
I thought I knew Him well enough, but this did not compare
In trying to paint His image, I was desperate to project
A portrait of perfection, one that no one could reject
In quest of my own righteousness, I was drowning in my sin
The more I tried to conquer, the deeper I’d fall in

For many months I drew and painted, adjusted and erased
But satisfaction never came, as I tried to draw His face
Exhaustion hit and then frustration, Will I ever get this right?
Will I ever be deemed good enough, or accepted in His sight?
Fear rushed in and anger too, for all my strength was gone
And after all my heart-felt work, my painting was still wrong

I hung my head in realization there was nothing I could do
To save myself from condemnation, t’was then my heart fell too
Slipping through my fingers, my paintbrush hit the floor
Yet that was when I heard the sound of knocking at my door
The One I had been painting, trying to capture in a frame
Was standing in the doorway, calling out my name

‘Can I come in’, He kindly asked, ‘Or must you keep on trying?’
‘I cannot paint one drop more,’ I said as I was crying
To cover up potential hurt, I just wanted to reject Him
I handed Him the canvas, knowing, it did not reflect Him
To His delight and my dismay, He didn’t even look
He tossed my painting to the floor and my heart He overtook

My child, He said lifting my face, so gently in His hands
I love you so very much.  Do you not yet understand?
I never required a painting, that’s not what I want for you
I provided the real thing, Myself–living here in you
It is not your works I’m after, but your heart that I desire
And living in your heart, I hope good works to inspire

Your canvas can’t contain Me, for I live and breathe and move
I’m bigger than you think I am, and much more gracious too
Remember me? Your first love? Allow me to come back in
Receive my grace for every day, and new life will begin
I’m asking, pleading, begging, and rejoicing in advance
And when you say YES dear one, all of heaven starts to dance

My painting days are over now, I do not own a frame
Every day as I awake, I simply call upon His name
I am happy to report dear friends, this sheep is lost no more
For despite my giving up, Christ kept knocking at my door

I plead with you, dear painters, both Quitters and Achievers
To lay aside your paintbrushes, and become Grace Receivers
For once again, He’s changed my life and continues to amaze
I am thankful now for Jesus Christ and for His Outrageous Grace




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