When Life is Unsettled

Woman, unsettled and wandering in desertMy life very much feels like a wandering in the desert at times. I would love to have all my ducks in a row, to know where I am going and how I will get there.  But most times I can’t even FIND ducks let alone line them up accordingly.  Just when things start to feel familiar, life changes or at the very least the threats of change begin. Once again, I have to walk into an unknown future.  I find myself crying out for stability of any kind.  Like many, I crave safety and security.


I am sure any Israelite in Moses’ time would completely understand my feelings. They would set up camp, and then just as they got comfortable, they were uprooted…only to set up camp somewhere they would eventually be uprooted from again.  We aren’t just talking a few people with a couple of things.  We are talking thousands of people moving everything they own to another spot in the desert.  A HUGE upheaval every time.  They too were unsettled, uncomfortable and unstable.

So how did they find stability in forty years of constant change?

“For us, stability does not mean lack of change, but moving with God in every circumstance.”

–unknown source

The Israelites were unsettled and living in the wilderness, but God extended to them the stability of His own presence in the ark of the covenant. The tabernacle which housed His presence therein, was a tent made to move with the people.  God desired His presence to dwell among them here and there, then here and over there. Wherever He lead them, He went WITH them–God and His people moving together.

Any stability that I find outside of Christ is false stability anyway.  Money runs out, houses fall apart, relationships change, jobs are lost, stuff happens.  But Jesus is the same all powerful, loving, providing God…yesterday, today and forever.  He is the Rock, the stability we need.  His presence moves with us yet His good character never changes.  We can count on Him.  He is our safety and security.

 “He will be the stability of your times.” Isaiah 33:6

Lord, would you cause me to lean on You as my Rock in the desert, my sure foundation in the sand.  When life is unsettled, changing, and insecure, would you remind me that I am safe and secure in You?  Remind me that You, Everlasting and Unchanging, are with me always.  Cause me to remember that I am safe in the shelter of Your wings.  O Lord, let it be so.

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